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2011-04-05 09:11 pm

a poem for James

[Spun off this thread.]

With swaggering step, his hands in pockets so,
And hair pulled back as was the warrior's way,
I grant a never saw a goddess go
With such a grace as him, his hips asway.
That cheerful arrogance, that smile fey,
The mathematics of his jaw as bait--
I hesitate -- but it is safe to say
He'd find out how to tame the wildest Kate.
My mirror's been no friend to me of late.
It shows me frailties I would not know.
Some comfort, then, when I can once equate
Reflections of me with Petruchio.
 If I don't recognize him, is he me?
 And if he's him, can I him wish to be?

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2011-02-15 09:26 pm

(no subject)

Some info on Andy!
  • Andy is very mildly psychic, but isn't aware of it. All she can do is read your mind about your drink order, though. As far as she's aware, she's just a really good guesser.
  • On a related note, Andy is a skeptic -- she learned enough stage magic as a kid to do some professional performances, and it's given her definite ideas about the likelihood of real magic, magical creatures, etc.
  • Andy intermittently struggles with anxiety issues -- worse once a month, just before her period.
  • Andy grew up in Seattle, then attended undergrad in South Dakota, majoring in creative writing and minoring in drama. She's new to Sunnydale as of January, having finally found an apartment, a job, and some likely places in LA to send her screenplays.
  • Andy's mother is a defense lawyer. Her father is a researcher for a biotech company.
More to be added as I think of it.