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Andy Wright ([personal profile] self_espresso) wrote2011-04-05 09:11 pm

a poem for James

[Spun off this thread.]

With swaggering step, his hands in pockets so,
And hair pulled back as was the warrior's way,
I grant a never saw a goddess go
With such a grace as him, his hips asway.
That cheerful arrogance, that smile fey,
The mathematics of his jaw as bait--
I hesitate -- but it is safe to say
He'd find out how to tame the wildest Kate.
My mirror's been no friend to me of late.
It shows me frailties I would not know.
Some comfort, then, when I can once equate
Reflections of me with Petruchio.
 If I don't recognize him, is he me?
 And if he's him, can I him wish to be?